Greenflex - a subsidiary of verditek

Solar anywhere

Greenflex was formed with one purpose in mind – to make sustainable energy generation a possibility anywhere you want.

Wavy PV Module

Greenflex PV is unique

Ultra-lightweight: Reduced weight: 1.5 Kg/m2 – 7 times less than traditional PV module of same size.

Flexible: The module bends up to 35% using standard 160µ thick crystalline cells due to the use of polymer as the replacement for glass.

Nanotechnology: Nanowires cell surface provides the electrical conductivity and physical support eliminating the need for welding.

High efficiency and durability: Increased efficiency and longevity by reducing the temperature of PV module induced by the internal resistance.

Wavy PV Module


  • Industrial solar roofs
  • Building integrated PV
  • Solar residential roofs

Industrial solar roofs

Proven technology, flexible and lightweight. Greenflex provides the right solution for every application. We work directly with you and your preferred partners to deliver the optimal solution.

Building integrated PV

Greenflex’s ultra-light weight, flexible PV technology provides the ideal solution for tensile structures as there are no requirements for frame to support rigid glass PV panels.

Solar residential roofs

Whether it is a new roof or retrofitting to an existing roof, Greenflex offers flexible, ultra-lightweight PV elements that guarantee high efficiency and the ability to match the color of the roof.

Quality and durability

Our proprietary technology is backed by a 10 year guarantee and 80% efficiency after 20 years.

Quality components and superior manufacturing go into every module assembled by Greenflex.

Greenflex solar modules are immune to harmful gases like ammonia found at greenhouses and farmland, and designed to perform exceptionally well even in hot desert climates.

Intelligent shade protection for real world conditions

Greenflex solar modules may be ordered with shade protection technology option. The module will perform even when it is shaded by trees and buildings or partially covered by leaves, dirt or snow.

With conventional solar modules when even a small portion is shaded, the energy production of the entire module is reduced. Furthermore when it is connected to other modules the entire string will lower their energy production to the lowest value.

The cell layout in a Greenflex module with our technology allows the design of up to nine independent operating segments. If one is shaded, the other eight keep working at maximum performance.

Shading control
Shading control

Better performance and longevity

Greenflex’s proprietary technology interconnects solar cells with nanowires improving the collection of the power they generate. This innovation replaces the conventional ”Ribbons” that also require high temperature cell soldering process.

The system includes a polymer film embedded with a net of copper wires (nanowires) specially coated with a low-temperature melting point alloy.

This establishes a low-resistance electrical contact with the surface of the cell, creating hundreds of independent electrical contacts.

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Claudio Marati
CEO of Greenflex

Claudio Marati co-founded Photonike S.A. specialising in the solar power sector and took this company to a launch on the Euronext market in Brussels. In 2010 he co-founded Progetto Ambiente Srl set up to manufacture innovative solar modules under licence from Day4 of Canada. In 2012 he co-founded Green Power Industries Limited, a UK registered company with the Licensing and the Intellectual Property to manufacture the Greenflex innovative flexible solar power product which he helped design. These rights have been assigned to Greenflex.